TalentKeepers executives Craig Taylor and Christopher Mulligan show how to inspire people to commit to their employer, their role and their leader.

(Winter Park, FL) — March 11, 2017 — A new book, written by TalentKeepers executives and co-authors Craig Taylor and Christopher Mulligan, will show business and HR leaders how to get more employees engaged, raise performance and improve retention. This Talent Keepers book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

In “Talent Keepers: How to Engage and Retain Great People,” Taylor and Mulligan use their decades of experience to provide strategies that inspire people to make a commitment to their employer, their role and their leader.

“We have the privilege of working with and learning from many of the world’s most successful organizations representing nearly every industry,” Mulligan said. “Our hope is that through this book readers will learn new ways to strengthen their culture and raise the collective energy and performance of everyone with whom they work.”

“Talent Keepers” puts a new spin on a systematic approach to employee engagement and retention by providing precise tactics that have achieved proven results. It includes powerful methods of engaging employees beginning the moment they are hired.

Failing to sustain employee engagement leads to poor performance and costly turnover. The loss in productivity coupled with the expense of replacing a decamped prized staff member can translate into anywhere from 30% to 200% of that worker’s annual salary.

“What make any business successful are the right leaders, producers and innovators — their value cannot be overstated,” Taylor said. “As studies show, constant talent rotation is not healthy and can be very costly for any business.”

“Talent Keepers” has received rave endorsements and reviews from respected entrepreneurs, among them Lee Cockerell, former executive vice president of Walt Disney World® Resort and best-selling author, who said: “Follow ‘Talent Keepers’’ advice and you will move from good to great, and from great to greater.”

About the Authors

Christopher Mulligan is a national speaker, CEO of TalentKeepers, and executive coach to senior leadership teams within hundreds of organizations, Christopher’s twenty-eight years of industry experience bring a unique understanding of what it takes to maximize organizational performance through people.

Craig R. Taylor is a vice president at TalentKeepers and a former Walt Disney Company executive. He is a leader in the corporate training and organizational development profession and is an award-winning author and national speaker.

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