Employee Engagement Surveys

Planning a Successful Employee Engagement Survey to Create a Culture of Engagement

Planning a successful employee engagement survey is an great way to measure and increase employee engagement. And conducting one of these surveys correctly takes careful planning, execution, and follow-up. However, misinterpreting the results or failing to act in response to survey results can really have a negative effect on employee engagement.

A common description of engaged employees is they show discretionary effort. In other words, this means going above and beyond what’s required to get the job done. In addition, sometimes they’re described as acting like an owner. As a result, your engaged team members are committed to organizational goals and values. For instance, this means they will be highly motivated to do what it takes for success. Importantly, a culture of engagement positively impacts business metrics. For example, these Key Performance Indicators (KPI) metrics can include profitability, quality, customer satisfaction, safety, and more.

Employee Engagement Surveys Done Right

At first glance launching a survey may appear to be a straightforward task. It may seem that you just need to put together a few questions, ask employees to complete them, and then look at the results. Simple, right? But, there’s a lot more to it than that.

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