On Demand Creating Strong Co-Worker Relationships During Crisis by Increasing Engagement


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As we navigate a sudden state of emergency and brace for an uncertain future, we are all looking for new ways to engage employees and maintain a positive culture. Connecting employees to their co-workers so they can unite to attack the hurdles changing the way they work and their workplace. Creating stronger bonds among co-workers is one of the crucial elements of successfully managing through this time of crisis.
Our research proves when co-workers work smarter together it increases productivity and impacts operational metrics such as sales, quality, customer service, profitability, patient safety.
Co-workers need tools to work smarter together. Here’s an opportunity to support executives through your front-line employees and get everyone onboard with a cohesive culture.
In this webinar we will review the solid, global research on the influence co-workers play on employee engagement and strengthening organizational success.

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The importance of understanding employee preferences on teams and how small adjustments can make a BIG difference in team performance and success
The top 4 challenges for virtual teams and how to help them overcome to achieve maximum productivity
Generational views on outlook, work ethic, view of relationships, and perspective and tools to train your teams to make these work to their advantage and create team harmony
How managers should structure productive engagement 1 on 1 meetings with their employees
And much more

Your teams are dealing with apprehension, uncertainty, and concern for the future. Help them better manage their responsibilities and forge strong bonds with their co-workers.

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