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Our Survey Essentials Package provides everything you need to successfully administer an engagement survey. From what questions to ask, how to analyze results, and create action plans that get results. Leverage this validated survey system to improve engagement within your organization. All content comes from our award-winning TalentWatch® Engagement Survey System which has been developed by Industrial Organizational psychologists and used by thousands of organizations to improve the performance of millions of employees over the past twenty years.
These essential tools are great for organizations with:

    • HRIS systems with survey capabilities
    • A subscription to an online survey provider
    • A small number of employees and searching for an affordable survey option
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Planning a Successful Employee Engagement Survey – eBook
Implementation Guide to planning a successful employee engagement survey
Survey Questions – 70 questions across 9 key metrics

    • High Performing Organization
    • Job & Career Satisfaction
    • Supportive Co-Workers
    • Credible Leaders
    • Join Factors
    • Intent to Stay
    • Satisfaction
    • Satisfaction Change
    • eNPS

Benchmarks for all metrics and items including general multi-industry, industry specific and best-in-class benchmarks
Best Practices for Survey Administration Success in the following areas:

    • Communication templates for announcing the survey and disseminating the results
    • Analyzing results
    • Identifying strengths and opportunities including leveraging high performing groups and leaders plus, delivering results to leaders and team members
    • Strategy for rolling out results including key messages and how to create understanding and inspire action.
    • PowerPoint Templates for Senior Leadership and Front-line Leader presentations
    • Report templates

Action planning

    • Action planning templates
    • 180 unique recommendations across 55 themes (e.g., Policies and procedures, Career growth awareness, Senior management communication), 27 categories (e.g. Accountability, Compensation and benefits, Leveraging leaders), and 4 key indices (e.g., High Performing Organization, Job/Career Satisfaction, Supportive Coworkers and Credible Leaders).
    • 2+ Proven tactics to improve each survey item
    • How to engage team members in the action planning process

A full copy of our annual Workplace America Research Report on Employee Engagement and Retention Trends

The individual components of this package are conveniently delivered in a downloadable zip file accessible in your account dashboard.

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