A Proven Approach to Increasing Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement:  What Is It?  Can It Really Be Improved?

Employee engagement is your employees’ ability and willingness to contribute to organizational success, especially their willingness to give “discretionary effort,” going beyond what is typically required in their position to make the organization successful.

TalentKeepers-Employee-EngagementHighly engaged employees are willing to go the extra mile, they work with passion, and they drive your business forward!

Then there are the highly disengaged employees.  Uhhh… honestly, these folks often act as an anchor – doing the minimum required to keep their job and “stay under the radar.”

Here’s the good news: Engagement is not hard-wired. It’s not “programmed” into a person’s DNA.

Employee engagement can be dramatically improved. 

TalentKeepers knows how to make it happen.

Our Approach to Increasing Employee Engagement

Let’s be honest, it’s tempting for organizations to do what they’ve always done… deliver the same employee survey year-in and year-out, identify a few organizational priorities, and do their best to make some improvements.  Unfortunately, this tactical approach usually yields marginal, if any, improvements to employee engagement over the long haul.

If you’re aiming to truly impact engagement (and the resulting business outcomes), it takes a more strategic, process-oriented approach.  For TalentKeepers, this approach is characterized by three simple words:  Commit.  Engage.  Excel.

As a Senior Executive, TalentKeepers’ unique framework for planning and executing an employee engagement solution enabled me to target our customer satisfaction metrics and get the information we needed to move our organization higher in our industry rankings. This is especially important during difficult economic times.

Ready to Increase Employee Engagement?  Explore Our Solutions!

TalentKeepers TalentWatch

TalentWatch Employee Engagement System

TalentWatch is a structured employee engagement system that includes a best-in-class engagement survey, detailed group and individual reports, a senior leader dashboard, meeting guides, and online action planning!


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TalentKeepers Team Co-Worker Connection

Team Co-worker Connection

Ready to BOOST team performance?  Team Co-work Connection opens the doors of communication and mutual works styles, helping strengthen team member relationships.

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TalentKeepers Onboard Connection

Onboard Connection

A winner of HR Executive’s Top Product of the Year, Onboard Connection is an innovative and meaningful way to ignite employee engagement among your new hires.  Get a jump start on employee engagement today!


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TalentKeepers CLEAR Connection Stay Interviews

CLEAR Connection Stay Interviews

CLEAR ConnectionsSM Stay Interviews is a a straightforward, yet powerful solution that provides a platform for meaningful future-focused conversations between an employee and their leader.

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