Employee Retention Roadmap™

Optimizing Employee Retention During Initial Employment…

TalentKeeper’s Retention Roadmap offers a detailed schedule of precise actions that influential members of the organization should take with new hires during their initial employment phase.

A new employee interacts with many individuals when joining an organization. Recruiters, trainers,and HR personnel are just a few of the key stakeholders that influence the new hire’s desire to stay with your organization and how engaged they become early in their tenure. Connecting and committing a new employee to the organization is more than just the leader’s responsibility. The Retention Roadmap offers a detailed schedule of prescribed critical touch points for non-traditional stakeholders and the new

The Employee Retention Roadmap provides:

Identification of all the touch points occurring during the initial employment phase

A proven method to influence an employee’s retention decision during the initial employment phase


An effective and easily managed “roadmap” of consistent interventions at set timeframes


Consistent scripting and repetition of key employee and retention themes regardless of who is delivering the message

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