Leadership Assessment

Tools to measure the abilities and potential of your current and future leaders…

RQ – Retention Quotient

RQ is a 50-minute self-assessment designed to measure a person’s understanding of and ability to apply TalentKeepers’ leadership competencies – competencies that have been proven to increase employee engagement and team performance.

The RQ leadership assessment can also be used as a leader readiness indicator for employees who are interested in a leadership role. It provides employees insight into real-life people-management scenarios they would have to manage as leaders. The results are used to help prioritize the participant’s development plan.




Insight Multi-rater (360) Survey

Insight is a 15-minute leadership assessment that utilizes a 360-degree survey format to solicit input from individual leaders, their team members, peers, and their manager. With a total of 66 items, the content of the survey focuses on TalentKeepers’ leadership competencies related to effective employee engagement behavior. Survey results allow a leader to clearly understand how their own perceptions of these behaviors compare to the perceptions of others (e.g., team members, peers and manager).  Valuable comparisons are drawn in those areas where the leader and the other respondents differed in their perceptions.  Insight reports include a built-in action plan to promote development and accountability.

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