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Engaging Employees from Day One.

We’ve all heard the expression, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”.  The same is true with your new hires.  If executed properly, the steps you take in the early days through solid onboarding can create a solid foundation for a more motivated, more engaged, and more productive workforce!

Onboard Connection™ is a cutting-edge, online employee engagement onboarding solution designed to welcome new employees and build strong commitment to your organization. Onboard Connection helps forge strong bonds between new employees and their leaders in order to drive sales, service, and productivity.

Why Use TalentKeepers’ Onboard Connection™?

  • Learn what employees want from their leader in order to be successful from day one
  • Develop relationships based on mutual trust & commitment between leaders and employees
  • Build employee commitment and loyalty to your organization
  • Reduce early tenure turnover

FirstFit® Survey:

icon_surveysThe FirstFit® survey asks employees to rate and rank the leadership and co-worker attributes they value most and the components of their career that are most important to them right now.  It also measures an employee’s communication and recognition preferences.  This provides leaders the opportunity to ask team members valuable follow-up questions to help them more effectively manage their teams, take direct action on results, and build a work environment with high employee engagement and retention.

  • 8-minute survey that asks employees their preferences in a leader, career, coworker, etc.
  • Ranks the importance of each employee’s leader competency preferences
  • Valuable process for employees changing leader alignment
  • Triggers a 1:1 conversation to review the results in a “Handshake Meeting”


Handshake Meeting Guide and Online Learning for Leaders:

  • Structured, short 1:1 meeting between a leader and the team member to review FirstFit® Survey results
  • Leader will share what he/she will do to meet each team members’ needs, and the employee will commit to being an active part of the employee engagement effort
  • Includes an interactive on-line learning module, Handshake Connection, which trains leaders step-by-step how to conduct a Handshake meeting and provides tips for an effective discussion

Driving Results through Online Action Planning

An online action plan allows leaders (and team members) to summarize their understanding of the Handshake Meeting, develop a plan to continue supporting their relationship, and increase the success of ongoing conversations.

Just like the FirstFit® survey results, the online action plan is documented and follows the employee to ensure future leaders can effectively build commitment with their team members as quickly as possible. This is especially useful during organizational changes such as restructuring and mergers.  Additionally, completion of the online action plan can be tracked to provide accountability for leaders.

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