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We are honored to be one of the top 10 employee engagement solution providers announced by HR Tech Outlook magazine this week.

Our CEO Christopher Mulligan reacted to the news, “This is a great honor. I co-founded TalentKeepers in 2000 and for 18 years we’ve focused on nothing else but helping organizations engage and retain employees with turn-key solutions.”

Employee Engagement Key to Organizational Success

Increasing employee engagement is fast becoming one of the critical elements of a successful organization. Data shows highly engaged workforces can drive higher performance in key metrics like quality, safety, customer service, and profitability. Worldwide, only 13 percent of employees consider themselves to be fully engaged, according to HR Tech Outlook. Research shows employee engagement is not healthy for an organization and leads to higher levels of turnover.

The magazine dedicates their May issue to helping organizations understand and evaluate their options when considering hiring an employee engagement solutions provider.

To achieve success with an employee engagement and retention program, HR professionals must equip and empower business leaders with the right set of tools. This challenge has driven the rise in solution providers that offer expertise in data gathering, analysis and interpretation for organizations. We offer solutions for organizations to use throughout the lifecycle of each employee, from date of hire through to post-employment.

One of the Top 10 Employee Engagement Solution Providers

A one-page profile of TalentKeepers appears in the issue. In it, Christopher talks about the four key drivers of employee engagement: credible leadership, supportive co-workers, job and career satisfaction, and a high performing organization and how we offer a suite of solutions to allow organizations to measure their effectiveness in each area. We’ve worked with leading organization of all sizes in a variety of industries and have observed the positive impacts of our solution-set.  “The fact that some of our clients who came on board a decade ago are still active speaks volumes about our determination to meet the diverse needs of each client and build long relationships.”

An Employee Engagement Success Story

The article also features a case study of one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies.  We worked with them to build a systematic approach to identify retention and engagement drives and implement a process to leverage the influence front-line leaders have on employee’s decision to stay or leave. This program resulted in the client over a period of three years went from worst to first in the JD Power customer service ranking.  To learn more about this case study click here.


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