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Current Research

In Workplace AmericaSM 2016, our 12th annual edition of this national research report on employee engagement and retention trends, we’ve uncovered many new tactics and emerging strategies to help you engage and retain your valued employees.  You’ll learn from the collective practices of 880 organizations… representing every size, industry, and geography in America today!

Each year, more and more organizations are taking deliberate steps to actively engage and retain employees, and Workplace America provides you with insight into those activities.  An energized workforce is your most important competitive advantage.  We hope our Workplace America research informs, motivates and inspires you to energize your workplace.

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Our 2016 Research Findings

Our findings show a numbers of key trends that have grown stronger, as well as several surprises where formerly popular tactics are replaced with new, emerging approaches to engagement and retention.  Trends including budgets for engagement efforts and how Millennials are impacting the workplace are important to understanding the effectiveness of engagement and retention efforts.

In the 12th annual edition of our research, you’ll uncover…

  • Key trends impacting employee engagement and retention today
  • The most prevalent strategies being used for US-based companies
  • What “best-in-class” companies are doing different when it comes to engagement and retention
  • The top three reasons for early turnover
  • The 5 key lessons/priorities that will help you boost engagement and reduce unwanted turnover!

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