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The True Cost of Losing an Employee May Surprise You…


A vital metric in the fight to win internal support to retain employees is the cost of turn over. This is powerful and relevant data in building the foundation for leadership involvement, garnering budget dollars for interventions, and reporting return-on-investment. If you’re looking to build a strong business case to attack unwanted turnover, this is the tool!

TalentKeepers’ Turnover Cost Calculator is one of the more highly used tools in retention circles, where over 10,000 jobs have been analyzed to determine the financial impact of attrition. The calculator is also feature in several college-level text books associated with HR Professional degree programs.

Empowering You With the Metrics You Need…

Based on our national research, only 17% of organizations know the direct cost of attrition of frontline employees. We want to change this! To effectively implement any strategy, the cost of the problem must be known to understand its magnitude, set realistic measure of success, and track progress.

Within a few minutes, TalentKeeper’s Turnover Cost Calculator will give you the hard financial metrics you need to support your retention efforts!

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