Why a Culture of Engagement is Important

Since 2000, we have transformed organizations by helping them clearly understand the importance of talented employees.  It’s more than just implementing a strategy or program – it’s creating a culture of engagement.  It is important to create employee engagement and retention standards that push expectations and performance to the next level.

Changing your culture to value, develop and nurture the engagement and retention of your employees will get all stakeholders aligned and working in the same direction, including recruiting, training and operations.  Furthermore, the impacts on your organization’s performance will be significant and sustainable.

Organizations who create a culture of engagement can:

  • Increase awareness of at-risk and disengaged talent and develop ways to keep and re-engage them
  • Establish goals and accountability for engagement and attrition for all stakeholders including recruiting, training, operations and HR
  • Identify and act on key drivers that support a thriving work environment
  • Leverage engagement and retention best practices that deliver results

How to Create a Culture of Engagement in Your Organization

The first step in creating a culture of engagement is to benchmark your current engagement and retention practices against our general and “best in class” benchmarks, as well as audit your current processes with our proprietary best practices which have been developed within thousands of organizations.


Our Process


Benchmark your current engagement and retention practices against our general, industry, and “best in class” benchmarks.This will identify how your organization stacks up in your industry, highlight your strengths,as well as, opportunities for improvement and provide you with an actionable roadmap.

Best Practices Audit

Audit your current processes with our proprietary best practices. You will clearly see the impact of addressing each area and developing a plan which provides the highest return for your efforts.These best practices cover all phases of the employee lifecycle from onboarding through to exit interviews.

Calculating Turnover Cost

Calculate your cost of turnover starting with our Turnover Cost Calculator to determine the direct and indirect costs of departing employees. These costs form the basis for determining appropriate budgets as well as demonstrating a return on investment for your engagement and retention initiatives.

Engagement and Retention Culture Report

Our expert consulting team comprised of Industrial/Organizational Psychologists will review and analyze your results from all of these processes.  Your results will be compiled into a comprehensive Engagement and Retention Culture Report which will summarize our findings and present clear recommendations for creating a culture of engagement within your organization.  Your dedicated consultant team will present our findings to you, and other key stakeholders, to ensure you fully understand your strengths, opportunities and our recommendations. Click here to view a sample report.

Culture Rating

The Engagement and Retention Culture Report offers an overall measure of your current engagement and retention effectiveness  presented on a 100% scale.  Also included are subscale ratings for each of the six phases of the employee lifecycle addressed in the audit described above.

These ratings enable you to clearly see your organization’s strengths as well as opportunities for improvement.  You’ll be able to confirm what’s already working and make informed decisions on where to allocate resources for the biggest improvements.  Plus, you’ll be able to estimate the impact your planned actions will have on improving your Engagement and Retention Culture Rating before you finalize your action plan.

Recommendations and ROI Analysis

We’ll develop clear recommendations tailored to your organization using our nearly two decades of research and experience. We’ll share proven tactics and strategies you can use to create a culture of engagement.

You’ll also receive a return on investment analysis to begin building the business case to secure funding and develop a budget.  If you need assistance presenting these recommendations to senior leaders within your organization, we can help with that too!

Learning Resources

As a thought leader, we offer a variety of education resources to help leaders and organizations improve their understanding of, and ability to improve, engagement and retention.

We make the following resources available to help you build a culture of engagement within your organization:

  • Online training for two designated users to further understand the importance of monitoring engagement and retention and being an expert on these topics for other employees.
  • Two copies of our recently published book, Talent Keepers: How to Engage & Retain Great People.
  • Complimentary access to our research whitepapers.
  • Discounted costs to attend the 20+ webinars we conduct annually on a range of engagement and retention topics, most of which are pre-approved for SHRM and HRCI recertification credit hours for HR professionals.

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