Exit Surveys to uncover the TRUE reason team members are leaving.


Introducing PartingWords TM

Too often, when organizations ask departing employees why they are leaving the organization,. employees describe the attributes of their new employer. For example, what attracted them to their new position, better pay, schedule or benefits? However, the real question to ask these employees is, “What made you start looking for a new job in the first place?”

We can help you better identify and respond to the issues that cause your employees to voluntarily leave your organization by asking the right questions in a short, concise survey. You can then use the results to determine whether or not issues causing employees to leave are worth addressing and to learn how to deal with other employees who are still in the organization but struggling with the same issues.

How Valuable is Your Exit Interview Data?

See if this sounds familiar… You ask a departing employee why they’re leaving.  He responds by describing the attributes of his new employer. For example, what attracted him to the new position – better pay, schedule, benefits, etc. The responses are predictable, and they don’t often help you uncover the TRUE rationale for the change.

The real question to ask your employees is, “What made you start looking, or respond to the recruiter’s call?

Our process includes administering PartingWords twice firs at the time of departure and again 30 days later when response may vary or be in greater detail. PartingWords is an integrated program that uncovers the true reasons why team members leave your organization.The survey questions are organized by four key factors; organization, job/career, coworker, and leader.

The Exit Interview Process

Exit surveys have historically low participation rates for many reasons. Frequently, departing employees are not aware of how to complete an exit survey and they see no personal benefit for doing so.

Organizations can address these two issues by “advertising” how to access exit surveys to all employees and by rewarding participation, after all it is the organization that will likely benefit the most from the data being provided. Small rewards have shown to dramatically increase exit survey response rates, especially for those employees who have abandoned the job.

TalentKeepers will work with you every step of the way when it comes to successfully communicating your company’s exit interview offering.

Surveys can be completed either on-line or via paper and we’ll help you to determine the most effective administrative options for your organization.

The survey requires no more than 8 minutes for the outgoing employee to complete and is entirely focused on the factors that influenced the departing employee to leave (we’ll help you uncover the primary reason for the employee’s exit, whether the exit was controllable, and whether re-joining the organization in the future is a consideration).

Our process (and this is key…) also invites the departing employee to participate in a second survey administration 30 days after they have left.

PartingWords includes detailed reports available in real time to program managers. In addition to these valuable reports, TalentKeepers will perform a periodic detailed analysis of your PartingWords survey results. Typically provided on a quarterly basis, this analysis can be highly valuable in guiding future actions to retain valued employees.

Benefits of PartingWords analysis include:

  • Opportunities to improve the recruiting process by understanding key “leave reasons” and trends
  • Helps to uncover turnover “tipping points” to guide timely intervention to mitigate future attrition
  • Determines specific areas that fuel attrition such as schedules, compensation, job issues, policies and procedures, and work-life balance influencing employees’ decisons to leave
  • Uncovers gaps in the employee life cycle: Career growth, barriers to transfer to a new geographic location, and access to information on hiring and promotional opportunities
The results are available online and at multiple levels to program managers and coaches.

Reports include:

Participation results help your organization achieve a high survey participation rate. It is important to monitor participation at least weekly and follow-up with departing employees prior to leaving the organization.

Individual team member results are available down to a front-line leader level. This allows the leader to receive feedback about team member trends and/or creates an opportunity for development.

Aggregate results. Your organization will also be able to review group data by hierarchy through our online system. Separately, other aggregate results will also be available by request. Some examples would be to analyze results by generational differences, performance levels, and tenure. Any attributes that your Human Resources Information System (HRIS) or operational performance system captures, can be used to analyze survey results.

Click Here to View a PartingWords Sample Report

It’s important to note that TalentKeepers doesn’t simply push you over a stack of data! We’ll partner with you over time to help offer insights and recommendations for improvement. Our offering includes:

  • A comprehensive PowerPoint presentation, including observations, trends and recommendations
  • 90-minute virtual data review with key stakeholders defined by your organization
  • Excel spreadsheets with individual leader data, free response analysis, and key metric data
  • Summary document containing all observations and recommendations
  • Quarterly calls to review status updates of observations & recommendations, progress, and goals
If you’d like more information about TalentKeeper’s Parting Words Exit Interview Solution, including a detailed quote based on your needs, just give us a call at 407-660-6041 or request an online quote here!
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The Value of Parting Words

Successful employee engagement and retention solutions are comprehensive yet flexible. Parting Words offers these valuable features:
  • Choose from standard or customizable survey options
  • An east-to-complete 8-,minute questionnaire
  • Useful as a re-recruiting tool for high performing employees
  • Multi-media administrations (i.e. Online, paper, mobile)
  • Results are clear and accessible to you 24/7
  • Puling reports is straightforward and easy
  • Ability to filter results by attributes that matter most to your organization (i.e. tenure, performance, location)
  • Results available down to the front-line leader to drive accountability
  • Global benchmarking, recommendations, analysis. and presentation of results are available

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