Introducing the Leader Engagement and Development System™ (LEADS)

LEADS is an online system that includes a questionnaire, leader training programs, job aids and detailed reporting capability for tracking and accountability.

  • Research-based online leader engagement questionnaire to measure leader engagement effectiveness
  • Clear behaviorally-based individual leader and group reports
  • Online action planning tool (for all levels of leadership)
  • Team meeting guides (to help leaders effectively communicate results at the team level)
  • Recommended leadership development activities

Leader engagement is one of the most important yet often overlooked opportunities to increase employee engagement in any organization.

Through years of research we identified a proven method to measure how well individual leaders engage their employees and the steps to take to improve their engagement skills.  Developed and perfected with tens of thousands of leaders LEADS has been proven to increase leaders’ abilities to engage and retain their team members.  This simple but powerful process will increase leadership effectiveness and team performance.

Highly engaged employees improve operational metrics:

Customer Service




LEADS Offers an Effective Set of Tools for Leaders  

Research-based online leader engagement questionnaire measures leader engagement effectiveness. Using the questionnaire will boost productivity while also strengthening employee-leader relationships to create a climate where employees are motivated to work harder and drive stronger results not only for their department, but for the organization overall.

Clear, behaviorally-based individual leader and group reports. Results are presented in an easy to understand format using key metrics and guided action planning steps allowing each leader to quickly see areas of strength as well as areas for development. Analyze results by any attributes from your Human Resources Information system (HRIS) or operational performance system.

The guide helps leaders prepare effectively for discussions with their teams about the survey results. Leaders can create a positive experience for their team, inspiring them to be supportive and engaged in the improvement process.

Prepopulated results from the questionnaire allows easy goal setting for individual leaders. Versatile action planning options include leveraging strengths, developing opportunity areas, inclusion of comments plus guides for developing an approach and setting SMARTER goals. Participation reports track action plan progress at all steps which drives accountability.

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Investing in Leader Engagement


Investing in leadership is the surest, quickest, and most complete business strategy on which an organization can focus.  Leaders are the one driver that can change the quickest in terms of their influence on engagement. From a leadership perspective, it’s all about awareness of the engagement issue and the leader’s behavior in relation to the initiative. Hopefully no leaders come to work and say things like, “How do I break trust today?” or “How do I let my team down today?” And yet too many leaders are unaware of the little things they do that have that same impact.

The Impact of Leader Engagement


Since a leader has the most interaction, observations, and dialogue with each employee, this makes them the best person to talk about the employee’s career and coaching. Our research shows that more leaders could be having these conversations. It’s no fault of theirs, though. Most of them aren’t aware it’s part of their job. Others don’t want to make a mistake like overpromising to a team member that they’re going to get a promotion or a raise or training/development or anything they would value from a career standpoint because the leader isn’t sure whether promising such things is feasible, appropriate, or even within their authority.

Focusing on leaders gets results because those leaders already have the responsibility to improve employee engagement. Many of them just don’t realize that fact. Reinforcing that it is part of their job to improve engagement is the quickest way to achieve the result you desire. Only they can make team members feel engaged, important, valued, and so on. If you ask team members what they like about their leader, for the best leaders they begin with statements like, “They have my back.” If the employee needs something or they make a mistake, they know that the leader will be their advocate. These kinds of leaders drive engagement, not just in themselves and in their team members, but in other leaders as well.

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