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Which Engagement Survey Solution is Right for You?

DIY Engagement Surveys

Have the platform, expertise, and time to administer the survey in-house? We package the development and implementation phases, information, and tools geared for success.  

Pandemic Pulse Survey

Use our affordable, turnkey pulse survey solution to measure how effectively your employees are working during these unprecedented times and identify additional support required to keep them productive. 

CLEAR Connections®

CLEAR Connections is a straightforward yet powerful stay interview solution that facilitates meaningful conversations and outcomes, regardless of how long a leader and team member have worked together.


This is an employee engagement SYSTEM that includes a best-in-class engagement survey, analysis, reporting, an executive dashboard, and online action planning based on years of research. With our options, you decide what resources you want your leaders to use. 

Team Co-Worker Connection®

This survey  (and associated meetings) opens the doors to team communication and productivity by identifying similarities and differences on seven key drivers of engagement.


Award-winning Parting Words® is a road-tested and research-backed exit survey designed to dig deep and uncover the REAL reasons your team members make the decision to leave your organization.

If you’re looking for a Leader in Employee Surveys, You Just Found Them!

We’ve surveyed millions of employees worldwide, and we’re genuinely industry authorities regarding engagement surveys – but honestly, it’s not about us.  It’s about you. 

It’s about putting all that expertise and experience to work for YOUR organization! No question, employee surveys can be a challenge, but we’ll be with you every step of the way.


TalentKeeper’s Engagement Survey Process…

Survey Set-up

Survey Set-up

Surveys begin with a needs analysis, followed by effective communication to ensure the process meets your needs for survey content, pre and post communications, administration, reporting, and most importantly, execution. 



When it comes to survey administration, SIMPLE is the name of the game for maximizing participation.  We’ll help you adequately communicate the upcoming survey and make the user experience 100% stress-free! 



Once the data collection period has ended, TalentKeepers goes to work analyzing the data based on your specific organizational structure and demographics that are most meaningful to you.



Employees are always anxious to hear and see the results once the survey is complete. TalentKeepers provides clients with quick online results, detailed report generation, benchmarking, and recommendations.

Action Planning

Action Planning

Just implementing engagement surveys is not enough – acting on the results is required to maintain the credibility of the organization. We assist with executive coaching, leader coaching, online action planning plus focus group facilitation.


Named One of the Top 10 Employee Engagement Solutions Providers in 2018

Top 10We are honored to be among the top 10 providers announced by HR Tech Outlook magazine. CEO Christopher Mulligan reacted to the news, "This is a great honor. I co-founded TalentKeepers in 2000, and for 18 years, we've focused on nothing else but helping organizations engage and retain employees with turnkey solutions."

 Increasing employee engagement is fast becoming one of the critical elements of a successful organization. Data shows highly engaged workforces can drive higher performance in key metrics like quality, safety, customer service, and profitability. Worldwide, only 13 percent of employees consider themselves to be fully engaged, according to HR Tech Outlook. 

The magazine dedicates its May issue to helping organizations understand and evaluate their options when hiring an employee engagement solutions provider.

HR professionals must equip and empower business leaders with the right tools to achieve success with an employee engagement and retention program. This challenge has driven the rise in solution providers that offer organizations data gathering, analysis, and interpretation expertise. We provide solutions for organizations to use throughout the lifecycle of each employee, from date of hire through to post-employment. Click here to learn more now



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