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Leadership Training Solutions

Employees may not remember everything their leaders say, but they will remember how their leader treats them and how he or she makes them feel. Leaders who can inspire and engage their teams, create teams who will stay longer, feel more satisfied in their work, and deliver better performance.

TalentKeepers’ Leadership Training Solutions build leadership competencies identified by millions around the world as qualities valued most in a leader.

Using a Variety of Learning Techniques…

TalentKeepers’ award-winning learning modules engage learners in a variety of learning techniques including simulations, quizzes, tips, and best practices to increase knowledge and skills.  The use of case studies are especially powerful – showing learners to how to effectively use their new skills easily and quickly on-the-job!


A Blended Approach to Skill Development…


Online Learning

  • Takes about 60 minutes to complete each leadership development module
  • Contains relevant and focused content divided into several learning topics
  • Delivered in short timeframes, allowing leaders to complete them quickly
  • Offer progress checks, realistic job simulations, and printable job aids


Instructor-Led Workshops

  • 90 minutes of leadership training, practice exercises, and group discussion
  • Can be customized to include your organizationally-specific content
  • Can be delivered by your training staff or a TalentKeeper’s facilitator
  • Delivery options can be in-person and/or virtual
  • Minimum purchase required to access Instructor-led materials


On-the-job Practice

  • 90 minutes of skill development, practice exercises, and structured group discussion to ensure learning is transferred to the participant’s job
  • Designed to help your leaders gain the confidence they need to apply new skills on a day-to-day basis
  • Can be customized to include your organizationally-specific leadership content

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